Branding, design, development, and promotional services company sees 200% ROI with Sapper’s B2B Lead Generation

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Learn how marketer Square360 generated 200% ROI while working with Sapper Consulting. Because Sapper consistently provided quality leads that had both the need and budget, Square360 signed an additional two clients within their first year of working with Sapper.

The Challenge?

Marketer Square360 helps clients like Yale University – School of Management, Hubb.me, NJ211 Partnership and Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas compete in today’s digital-first economy with branding, design, development and promotional services.

Before Sapper, they signed zero new clients in over 3+ years while making a sizable investment in alternative lead generation partners. Square360 was not achieving ROI on their in-house sales staff and their team was kept busy with unvetted leads.

Square360’s founders knew they’d made the right lead generation decision when they signed their first new client in three long years just three months after committing to Sapper Consulting. By the end of Square360’s first year with Sapper, Square360 had signed an additional two clients because Sapper consistently booked meetings with prospects that had the need and the budget.

“That constant communication and willingness to switch gears, make changes and fine-tune our targeting, timing and content gave us results, which justified a longer-term commitment to Sapper"

Nancy Smullen, CEO

Why Sapper?

Sapper’s expertise and track record were crucial but Square360 needed something even more important from them – the opportunity to see if they delivered on their promises. Square360’s founders were justifiably skeptical about lead generation after a profoundly negative experience with a costly, multi-year contract that hadn’t produced even one quality meeting, let alone a new client. Fortunately for Square360, Sapper knows their B2B lead generation process works and the initial short-term contract let Square360 experience the results for themselves. Sapper’s proven process soon delivered meetings with qualified leads, resulting in new business for Square360.

When Sapper asked what Square360’s “ideal/dream” client looked like, Square360 got specific. The founders knew small- to mid-size companies that were ready to break out nationally were the best fit. At this stage in their business evolution, most of the prospects’ companies would have the budget, but few, if any, would have the in-house resources they needed to take their marketing to the next level. Of course, Sapper had to connect with the right people at the right companies; but to take it from that initial connection to an actual meeting, they also had to catch and keep prospects’ interest. Because Sapper understood Square360’s target markets, they were able to accurately represent their sectors and stories through content.

"We had prospects that didn’t need our services write back just to tell us it was the best lead generation they’d ever seen – they definitely appreciated different and interesting."

Nancy Smullen, CEO

200% ROI

Square360’s virtual meetings with Sapper prospects always go well because they’ve been carefully qualified and Square360 has been thoroughly prepared. Once the meeting has been confirmed, Square360’s Sapper account manager makes sure the founders see the entire email thread between Sapper and the prospect. The founders know what’s been said, what to expect and where to focus when talking to the decision-makers.

The founders now look forward to regular meetings with decision-makers whose companies are ready to take their marketing to the next level. And best of all, Nancy, Brian and George are now working with new, interesting clients that can grow with them.

Sapper delivered a 200% return on our investment in our first year together because they know quality leads always trump volume and a systematic process produces measurable results. Thanks to Sapper, we’re getting a lot more princes and kissing far fewer frogs."

Nancy Smullen, CEO

Sapper's lead generation services were the only marketing agency able to produce 200% ROI.

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