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Before hiring Sapper, NRA CPA had tried a combination of in-house efforts to set appointments, as well as similar services. Despite their efforts, they never saw the traction they were looking for. Since the start of service, Sapper has achieved over 400% return on investment with similar figures already added to their future sales pipeline.

The Challenge?

NRACPA is a CPA in a suburb of Chicago. From bookkeeping to taxes, NRA CPA is a full service tax and accounting office. They provide exceptional value on accounting and tax planning services that keep businesses humming.

Before Sapper, NRA CPA had tried a combination of in-house efforts to set appointments, as well as similar services. Despite their efforts, they never saw the traction they were looking for.

Lead quality and ROI are huge factors when considering any appointment setting resource and they understood that going into their engagement with Sapper. Since their initial engagement, they’ve generated over 400% ROI with similar figures in their future pipeline.

I’m also using pay per click and I’m just not getting quality leads. Until I found Sapper, I’ve been disappointed. I’m planning to be with Sapper a long time.

David Robbins, Managing Partner

The Sapper Process


    We started with an onboarding call, learning all we could about NRA CPA (personal stories, company history, wins, etc. ) and identified what information should be highlighted in email campaigns.


    Next came finding their perfect audience. Their location was geographically constrained, so we used several resources to curate contact lists and narrow in on potential future customers.


    Once we identified the NRA CPA audience, we created persona types for various titles and industries on our lists. We then took that information and drafted individual email campaigns appealing to different decision-makers, addressing buyer concerns, goals, and personality types.


    Email campaigns were then launched, tested, and
    optimized for opens, replies and meeting conversions over the first 4-6 weeks. Our internal benchmarks for opens and replies are double the national average to get meetings at the quality and volume our clients expect.


    Our Client Success Managers monitored the email inboxes for meetings and prospect responses. If large numbers of prospects were confused or uninterested, the content team would modify existing and future campaigns to overcome common objections.


    Our process produced incredible results for NRA CPA within the first few weeks of their campaign. Since then, we’ve continued to provide a steady stream of quality sales meetings.

I quickly closed my first deal which was about $6,000 to my firm. Since then, I’ve received a steady stream of great leads. I’ve closed over $60,000 worth of work this first half of the year, so my return on investment is around 400 - 500%, I’m quite happy.

David Robbins, Managing Partner

Sapper's lead generation services have generated over 400% ROI with similar figures in their future pipeline.

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