Our Approach to the B2B Lead Generation Process

We have an extremely reliable and disciplined process for B2B lead generation, resulting in quality meetings with your ideal prospects.

Step One: Onboarding

The first step in our B2B lead generation process is a survey and exploratory call that allow us to dive deep into your organization.

By getting to know your company and offerings, we are able to understand and distill what makes you truly unique and valuable to potential customers.

Step Two: Targeting

No matter how narrow or wide your target market may be, we use only the most reliable resources to find, reach, and engage your ideal audience.

Every prospect is held to the standards of your ideal customer profile and measured against our promise to deliver only opportunities that are a great fit for your business.

Step Three: Writing

Our messaging takes a human approach, understanding that great business opportunities start with the people that drive them.

We use proven methods to craft messages unique to each prospect profile, leveraging powerful emotional connections, real-world analogies, and inspiring your ideal prospects to action.

Step Four: Testing

All of these methods in our B2B lead generation process merge to create dynamic and engaging content targeted to your ideal customers. But that’s only the beginning.

We conduct A/B testing from day one and beyond to narrow down our messaging & timing to the perfect approach for your target audience.

Every touchpoint is built off of a foundational understanding of our prospects: crafted for their specific personality, and written with human intent.

How We Execute the B2B Lead Generation Process

Step 5: What You'll Finally Get to See from Prospects...

When was the last time a cold prospect complimented you on your outreach, let alone agreed to a meeting in the same breath?

Here are some real responses to some of our emails>>

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