Managed IT Services Firm Creates 70% of Annual Sales with Sapper Leads

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As an IT expert, Dan Thomas didn’t have a direct background in sales & marketing. When Dan decided to open his own franchise, he sought out Sapper as a lead generation partner.

Sapper's prospecting activities created 70% of their yearly sales and led to sales meetings with prospects that became their 2 highest paying clients.​

The Challenge?

TeamLogic IT is a managed services provider with 70+ locations across the US. From cloud services and data backup to cybersecurity and VOIP installations, they provide capable and experienced IT advisors that help keep businesses humming.

As an IT expert, Dan Thomas didn’t have a direct background in sales & marketing. When Dan decided to open his own franchise, he sought out Sapper as a lead generation partner.

He didn’t know what to expect. Email marketing? He was a little skeptical. 

Typically, he would go door to door, so his prospects could see his face, and he could talk to them in person, but that was costly and inefficient, which made it hard to scale up his business.

In the early days when you don’t have any customers, you’ve got all the time in the world to walk around an office park. I don’t have that now. I’d also say there’s very little return on that. Email marketing is a lot more effective.

Dan Thomas, Owner

Why Sapper?

Sapper is your outsourced lead generation provider. Whether you’re building a pipeline from scratch or you’re well established, we partner with you to secure meetings with qualified leads to grow your business.

Sapper creates customized, data-driven strategies to fill your pipeline, consistently. Like a well-oiled-machine, meetings with qualified prospects land in your inbox, saving you time and resources.

There is no reason to hire full-time staff when you don’t need full-time staff. You need expertise in certain areas and you can pay for what you need. That’s how I look at Sapper. When I look at how much I’m spending on marketing, there's no way I could hire an employee for that amount. I’m going to invest in Sapper because that’s a much better option than hiring someone who frankly might not get the same results - and at a much higher cost.

Dan Thomas, Owner

The Sapper Experience

With Sapper, you’ll get one point person who knows you, knows your business, knows your prospects, and is helping to manage all of your prospecting campaigns for you.

What’s most important to us is that we build relationships with you & there’s continuity. You get to know your team, trust us, and we feel more like part of your extended team.

We get as excited about a win as you do.

Email marketing works. Sapper's been able to get me larger clients in the target market that I'm looking for. They do a great job of being the voice of your customer as they’re working on getting those leads.

I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky to have rockstars on my team with Sapper every time, but I feel like I’ve got rockstars. They make me look good and help me grow my business. I couldn’t have grown my business to the point it's at without Sapper.

Dan Thomas, Owner

Lead generation from Sapper created 70% of yearly sales and booked sales meetings with prospects that became their 2 highest paying clients.

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