Employee Training Firm Builds Full Pipeline of Consistent Sales Leads with Sapper

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The Challenge?

Eagle’s flight offers a dynamic approach to employee training through experimental learning. Whether your goal is to reduce turnover, upgrade your virtual learning experience, upskill your leaders or become customer-centric, Eagle’s Flight’s partners with you to make it a reality.

VP of Learning Solutions Kevin Conklin’s first experience with Sapper was with a previous employer. After Kevin transitioned to Eagle’s Flight, he was responsible for building relationships in a new territory. Kevin chose to utilize Sapper to fill his pipeline.

“(At my previous company), Sapper was getting some good conversations with some good companies and that is always such a critical and difficult thing to do, to get new conversations with companies especially when you’re starting with a new territory.
In my experience at the other company, I knew that we could get a lot more leads and quickly with Sapper...Within a month, I was getting steady leads.

Kevin Conklin, VP of Learning Solutions

Why Sapper?

Building a pipeline from scratch can be daunting, expensive, and time consuming. From tapping your LinkedIn network and nurturing your email list, to attending trade shows, finding and connecting with prospects is a full time job.

Sapper creates customized, data-driven strategies to fill your pipeline, consistently. Like a well-oiled-machine, meetings with qualified prospects land in your inbox, ready to be nurtured to the next step.

The massive value of Sapper to me is that you can be doing other things and then all of a sudden you get a message that you have a meeting with a Sapper lead. It definitely frees you up to do other things. When you’re getting these leads, it's like Christmas. It’s great!

Kevin Conklin, VP of Learning Solutions

Better Quality Leads

Because Eagle’s Flight had tried to work with so many other lead generation services (none of which ever worked), Kevin had to work hard to convince his VP of Sales to work with Sapper. Sapper was the first firm they ever worked with that was able to produce real sales leads with the right people.

We’re a good team because our CSMs have a level of expertise and attention to detail that makes such a difference for Sapper customers like Eagle’s Flight. They’re very responsive, quick to learn your industry, and they know exactly how to craft the right messaging and tweak the messaging at the right times.

If you’re looking for conversations with new people, to help build your business and grow your business, Sapper is a no brainer. The amount of time and effort and energy you’re saving; with Sapper, you’re going to be able to flesh out opportunities you never even knew existed.

Kevin Conklin, VP of Learning Solutions

Sapper's lead generation services were the only marketing agency of many that was able to produce quality sales leads with the right people.

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