Client Testimonial : 50% ROI

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Working with Sapper for just a few short months, Thames Management Resources secured several new clients and achieved 50% ROI. 

Client: Thames Management Resources
Industry: Consulting


Thames Management entered into a partnership with Sapper Consulting so they could focus more of their efforts on optimizing the business. They wanted a solution that would put their prospecting efforts on autopilot with a reliable source that will deliver a sustainable pipeline of qualified leads.

The Plan:

After our initial onboarding meeting with Thames Management we established the type of messaging we wanted to incorporate into their email campaigns based on their ideal customer personas. We have helped them build a sustainable pipeline that has directly resulted in closed business and an increase in their overall revenue.

The Results:

  • Started with Sapper: 04/07/21
  • Generated Revenue: $26.7k
  • Lifetime ROI: 50%
  • Lifetime Meetings Booked: 56
    • 8 days after kickoff – 2 meetings
    • 2 weeks after kickoff – 5 meetings
    • Closed 6 deals

Probably the biggest surprise I had is you promised me five meetings a month. And I think we’re averaging closer to 10. So it’s a very pleasant surprise. Eight days after our kickoff, I had two meetings. And then within 14 days after kickoff, I had five meetings, I have seen an ROI of approximately 50%. I have closed six deals that have signatures on them. And I’ve got another two verbal yeses, who say they’re gonna say, I talked to some of your existing clients. And I was shocked to hear that you had clients who had been with you for five years. I thought that was just an amazing run, you must be doing something right to help those folks out.

Secondly, I did an analysis, it was kind of a risk-reward analysis. So if I engage with Sapper, what’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen? What’s the probability of what can happen? And I felt that the worst-case scenario is I’m going to break even best-case scenarios that can have a nice ROI.

And then the third thing was it you guys really focused on things that I’m not good at, or just never took the time to do? And that was doing some outreach, basically, on a cold call basis, that it’s like anything else, you’re never gonna bet 100% of the meetings. But with the meetings you set up for me, I would say that you know, at least 80 to 90% of them have been high quality. They understand what we’re offering. They sound engaged, and you know, they’re receptive to hearing what I have to offer. And I would say 60 to 80% of the time, there’s follow-up next steps. And oftentimes, I get to quote a project. So I’ve continued to refer people to Sapper. So that’s an easy one. I tell him, Sanford’s gonna put you in front of people that didn’t know you existed. sapper is going to do some pre-qualification on these people. There’s absolutely no reason why not to try it again, it’s just going to get you into places that you haven’t been before. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But absolutely, I would say give them a shot. That’s awesome. It’s awesome. We meet every two weeks. We go over the numbers, we talk about potential improvements to the content changes to the content. I again was sapper for five months now, and I don’t think we’ve changed the content yet. We talk about the length of the outreach. Are we going to do one state or we’re going to do several states? What does that look like? So it’s awesome. Rachel’s awesome. You’re an organization that’s easy to work with your cost-effective. You know, I don’t know how you work with large organizations. I have a very small organization, but it’s very personal, and one on one. So I think it’s a great organization.

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