What Does It Mean To Outsource Sales?

With many businesses outsourcing their sales to a third party, you may be wondering what outsourcing can do for your company. Find out in today’s blog.
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Many businesses have decided to outsource some or all of their sales to a third-party vendor, and they’ve reaped significant benefits from their decision. However, some business owners may hear the word “outsource” and feel apprehensive instead of excited. After all, outsourcing any business operation to an external partner can be a scary concept at first. 

What exactly does it mean to outsource sales? How would doing so help your business? This blog will answer these and other questions related to sales outsourcing.

What Is Sales Outsourcing?

Outsourcing in general has been defined as “the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services or create goods that were traditionally performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff.” Sales outsourcing specifically refers to the practice of hiring an outside company to manage all or part of an organization’s sales process.

It’s important to note that outsourcing doesn’t mean you need to turn over all of your sales processes to a third party. In fact, companies frequently outsource only a specific sales function or operation to their external partners. For example, Sapper Consulting works with clients who want us to manage their B2B lead generation and appointment setting process while their in-house team focuses on other key selling activities.

How Can Sales Outsourcing Help Your business?

There’s not enough time or space to list all the ways that an outsourced sales partner can take your workflow to the next level. However, here are four areas in which sales outsourcing can give your business a major boost:

  • Social selling: Most customers avoid connecting with a business or vendor until they’ve done some research on their own. In many cases, this research is motivated and reinforced by the relationships built between companies and potential customers on social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If your in-house sales and marketing department doesn’t have the experience or bandwidth to connect with prospects via social channels, then outsourcing this area to specialists may make a lot of sense.
  • Live and automated chat: Modern consumers expect quick answers to their questions. When a prospect visits your company’s website, can they get the information they need fast? Are your sales reps available 24/7 to answer their questions? One possible solution is to partner with an outsourced sales agency experienced in offering chat options (with live agents, an automated chatbot, or both). Outsourcing your chat to a third-party vendor can give your prospects the instant answers they want and help you determine which leads have the highest potential value at the same time.
  • Cold calling: No one on your sales team likes cold calling, so why not outsource it to an outside agency? Many outsourced sales partners train their employees to make many cold calls without sacrificing quality in the process, and reaching out to prospects who’ve demonstrated some interest in your product is a surefire way to gain more meaningful conversations from those calls.

Cold emailing: Email is the number-one communication medium among professionals, and as such it’s often way more effective at getting someone’s attention than a cold call. At Sapper Consulting, we replace cold calling with a proven cold emailing process. Our approach has resulted in hundreds of appointments set for our clients and a higher ROI for their sales efforts. Our account managers make sure that the entire email thread between the outsourced sales rep and the prospect is visible to the client, so they know exactly where to steer the conversation during the meeting. Check out one of our success stories here.

The Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

If you decide to outsource some or all of your sales functions to an outside vendor, here are just a few benefits you’ll experience:

Reduced Costs

Think about all the time and effort it takes to recruit a new sales rep. You have to compose a job description and advertise on different job boards. Then you have to sort through the many candidates to find the best match for the position. And once you decide to hire an applicant, the onboarding and training begins.

Companies can spend hundreds of hours on just a handful of hires. Once you factor in employee turnover rate and the cost of replacing an employee (the equivalent of 6-9 months’ worth of salary, according to one study), internal hiring can become a real drain on an organization’s resources. 

On the other hand, you could bypass the entire recruiting and hiring process by outsourcing sales functions to trained reps who are employed by someone else, and therefore not a drain on your resources.


Some business leaders may worry that working with an outsourced sales team will concern or confuse their customers. However, a well-trained outsourced team is virtually invisible to prospects. When your outsourced team works from your scripts and talking points and follows the workflow you’ve set up, they’ll present a unified front to your customers and actually enhance your brand reputation with their consistency.

Increased Focus for Your Internal Team

If your in-house sales team tries to do everything, odds are they won’t do anything as well as they could. However, when they’re assisted by an outsourced sales agency, they’ll have the time and resources to focus on their main goal: closing deals. 

As long as your outsourced sales reps understand what your product does and how it addresses specific customer pain points, they don’t need to have in-depth technical knowledge of your product’s features. They just need to attract and engage prospects, then turn over qualified leads to your in-house team. At that point, your internal experts can take over and successfully finish the process.

Sapper Consulting can supercharge your lead generation efforts and help your reps focus on closing more sales. Reach out to us today to start the conversation or download our free guide, When It’s Time to Outsource Your Lead Gen. In the end, you may discover that sales outsourcing is the right decision for your business.

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