How To Create Content That Cuts Through The Social Media Noise

While social media channels provide great opportunities, it's important to keep your desired audience in mind. Learn how to create focused content today.
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Our Creative Director Ryan Myers was featured in an article on last week, and we wanted to share his wisdom on our blog as well. Addressing how to create content that performs amidst all the chatter on social media, Ryan informs us of his best practices. Quoted directly from the original article on

Myers observes that using the right tool to tell your story can heavily influence your success on social. “It’s important to dissect which parts of your story are most conducive for different platforms and how/why your audiences are spending time on each platform. For example, we leverage Instagram more for recruitment because the visual nature of the platform gives people a window into our culture at Sapper. On the other hand, we use LinkedIn to expand on our business narrative.” He explains that Sapper sees a more engaged audience on LinkedIn because the audience there is more business- and networking-focused than audiences on platforms like Facebook, where family photos and cat videos abound.

So, ensure your messaging plays to the strengths of the platform you’re posting on in order to drive the most engagement. Myers concedes that going from “prospect likes tweet” to “paying customer” isn’t always a clearly defined journey, but he advises that “providing relevant content that builds trust and credibility with your audience should be your North Star.”


Creating social media marketing content that catches attention is at the crux of Sapper’s offering. If you’re interested to learn more about our lead generation services, and how we do it, please click on the button below!

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