Case Study: Marketer Achieves 200% ROI

Learn how marketer Square360 generated 200% ROI while working with Sapper Consulting. Because Sapper consistently provided quality leads that had both the need and budget, Square360 signed an additional two clients within their first year of working with Sapper.
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Marketer Square360 helps clients like Yale University – School of Management,, NJ211 Partnership and Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas compete in today’s digital-first economy with branding, design, development and promotional services.

Before Sapper, they signed zero new clients in over 3+ years while making a sizable investment in alternative lead generation partners. Square360 was not achieving ROI on their in-house sales staff and their team was kept busy with unvetted leads.  

Enter Sapper Consulting’s outsourced lead generation.

Square360’s founders knew they’d made the right lead generation decision when they signed their first new client in three long years just three months after committing to Sapper Consulting. By the end of Square360’s first year with Sapper, Square360 had signed an additional two clients and achieved 200% ROI.

Learn more about the Sapper difference in the full case study here.

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