Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Get New Leads for Your Small Business

With increasing pressures on marketing, advertising, and sales budgets, it’s more important than ever to ensure you bring qualified leads in at a low cost. Attracting new customers is essential to growing your business; but often, small businesses don’t always have the resources to find new customers and expand their revenue base.

Our lead generation services will help your small business find your target audience and get them on the phone to close business fast.

Why Lead Generation is Critical for Your Small Business

As a business owner, you understand that generating new leads is essential to keeping your doors open. To successfully grow your organization, you need to ensure a steady flow of new customers. Unfortunately, not all strategies are equal. Cold calling requires expensive resources in the form of a sales team to perform constant outreach, which usually yields a low average ROI to match.  

That’s why today’s successful small businesses choose to work smarter — not harder. 

Lead generation is a strategic process that capitalizes on a prospects’ needs. Business decision-makers are interested in finding solutions to their business challenges, and they will naturally gravitate to information from other professionals within their industry. The goal, then, is to generate content and offers that provide valuable insights and trends relevant to your target audience’s problems.

Lead Generation Services that Get Fast Results for Your Small Business

Sapper Consulting provides innovative small business lead generation services that help you save time and money. Our team of experienced marketing experts works with our clients to create and execute a strategy designed to attract sales-qualified leads in a short time period.

  • Meet with your ideal prospects every month 
  • Spend less time cold calling and more time closing for better profits 
  • Grow your business faster with an outsourced team of lead generation experts

Our Unique Approach to Small Business Lead Generation

We have developed an extremely reliable and strategic process for small business lead generation that gets your first meeting on the calendar quickly. Our system works because our experience has taught us where to focus our efforts for maximum results. At the end of the day, outsourcing your prospecting activities to us means you’ll be able to spend less time cold calling and more time closing.

Our process consists of four key phases:

Phase 1: Foundation


We’ll start the onboarding process by asking about your business goals to get a complete picture of your business needs. This can range from products, industry profiles, your sales funnel, industry challenges faced by your prospects, sales volume, and more.

Phase 2: Strategy

Lead Targeting

Conversion rates shoot up when you reach an audience that has been specifically evaluated and targeted based on its interest in a particular industry or market segment. That’s why our small business lead generation services are carefully designed to identify, verify, and deliver targeted leads that are the right fit for your small business. 

Phase 3: Execution

Impactful Content Generation

We believe that strong messaging starts with clear objectives and goals. We take the time necessary to craft a succinct yet compelling message based on strategy rather than just hitting generic topics. Our content team develops unique and creative content designed to create an emotional connection with your target audience.  


A/B lead generation testing is at the core of our marketing strategy. After creating your content, we’ll continuously test messaging variations to see how well it performs. By doing this, we’ll know exactly what works, and we’ll be able to ensure only the highest-converting content is in place to maximize your leads. 

Phase 4: Results

A successful small business lead generation campaign will result in sales call bookings. At this point, we’ll continue to refine and improve our strategy to attract leads that are ideal for your business needs at the best possible ROI on marketing dollars spent.  

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Attract New Customers With Our Small Business Lead Generation Services

Sapper Consulting helps small businesses attract new sales leads organically while saving them the time and resources needed to make expensive cold calls. Our team of marketing experts will leverage industry-leading processes to design and execute a successful lead generation campaign to yield high-quality appointments, allowing you to focus your efforts on closing sales instead of finding prospects. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help your small business attract new leads and boost your revenue.