B2B Email Marketing Trends in 2022

Learn what the biggest B2B email marketing trends in 2022 are and how they will affect your business.
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B2B Email Marketing Trends for 2022

Optimizing your digital marketing efforts keeps you ahead of your competition, and email marketing isn’t an exception. Here are the trends that will define B2B email marketing in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

AI makes it possible for businesses to process and use large volumes of customer data more easily. AI can sift through data and make recommendations that personalize a customer’s email experience. 

For instance, AI can help you write subject lines that would be appealing to each prospect, and it can help determine when the best time to send an email is. It also restructures your email marketing campaigns and adjusts your email lists to maximum effectiveness.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content refers to content created by end-users of goods or services. It acts as social proof that customers are happy about your product or service. Some examples of this are reviews, case studies, and photos of customers using the product. 

Incorporating this kind of content to your emails is important since consumers trust other customers, and it would reflect well on your business. 70 percent of consumers base their purchasing decision on reviews from other users.

Interactive Emails

An interactive email allows prospects to ask questions, book appointments, add items to their shopping cart, or even watch a video directly in their inboxes. This allows recipients to directly engage with the content when reading emails, and it also allows you to engage with recipients through the email. By including interactive portions in emails, you get a chance to guide buyers through the purchasing journey.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization refers to making sure users can view the email properly on mobile devices. This trend is expected to grow in 2022, since 15 to 70 percent of emails get opened on mobile devices, according to email monday. Similarly, according to Google, more searches are performed on mobile devices than on desktops, which is why creating mobile-friendly email content is important.

Personalized Emails

Did you know that 80 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from companies that personalize their messages? Personalized messaging gives customers something they can relate to, which will increase their engagement with your business.

To personalize messages, you will require customer data like past purchases, place of residence, and browsing history. Luckily, AI software can collect and analyze all this data.


Microsegmentation involves grouping consumers with similar buying tendencies. AI comes in handy for this strategy as it analyzes customer data and automatically updates email lists.

Microsegmentation enables you to send the relevant emails to the target group at the appropriate time. The more relevant the content of your emails is, the more consumers engage with it. Therefore, splitting your audience into segments helps you increase the productivity of your marketing efforts.

Shorter Emails

Shorter emails are more likely to grab a customer’s attention and reflect well on your business if done well. They pique a customer’s curiosity since they don’t reveal every single thing you want to talk about—just what is absolutely necessary. They also show that you respect a customer’s time since inboxes are typically saturated with emails to open and read through.

Automated Emails

Having automated emails allows you to reach your customers without having to write and send out new emails every time. For example, you can automate welcome emails sent when a customer signs in for the first time. Similarly, you can automate confirmation emails whenever a customer places an order. Another advantage is that it takes repetitive tasks off your work schedule. Through email automation, you get to reach out to many customers even if you have a limited staff.

Email Customization

Email customization involves using special formatting techniques to enhance the tone and appearance of the email being sent. Formatting emails makes them more eye-catching for your audience.

You can customize your emails in various ways, like changing the fonts, incorporating your company logo, or adding a link to your website. You can also use your company colors to make the email unique.

Sapper Consulting Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Email marketing trends are constantly evolving, and businesses have to keep up with those trends to stay competitive. However, it can be challenging to do just that. Luckily, Sapper Consulting is here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more about our B2B email marketing solutions.

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