4 Ways to Empower Your SDR

Sales development representatives can help transition your leads to the next step of the sales funnel. Learn 4 simple step you can take to help your SDRs.
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Is your team utilizing a sales development representative (SDR)? This relatively new role is transforming the landscape of sales and has been a linchpin in our rapid growth. What started out as a single SDR for our team (who managed to book 300+ meetings a month), has grown into an entire team dedicated to supporting our sales reps. Our SDRs own different channels of lead flow but the goal is always the same: book a meeting for our sales team. 

Contributing to the efforts of both inbound and outbound campaigns, SDRs help to transition leads to the next step of your sales funnel. Whether they are cold calling or following up with an engaged prospect, they help to transition prospective clients into qualified leads. By organizing and qualifying prospects, they free up time and energy for your sales team. Your reps are put up to bat and can focus on what they do best – closing.

All this said, your SDR is only as good as the technology available to them. By automating parts of the process, you can maximize your efforts. In a recent article by SMM, Sapper’s SVP of Strategy TJ Macke discusess 4 strategies to enhance your SDR:

“SDRs evolved from a need to streamline sales processes, and they were one of many steps in the ever-increasing wave of modern sales innovations. Today, companies further empower their SDRs with automated technologies. SDRs can focus on discovering how best to connect with leads while automated software does the mundane work of identifying, contacting, and following up with prospects.”

Making Automation Work for Your Sales Development Representatives

1. Empower your SDRs with powerful automated research tools so they can do their homework before they reach out

2. Organize your SDR’s creativity by carving out time for ideas and building out testing

3. Use your own inbox to help them craft good messaging – what are SDRs emailing you? What works, what goes to the trash?

4. Keep your finger on the pulse of sales and marketing automation experts in your field

Sales development reps are not a passing trend. As we all become better, faster, and more efficient, the table stakes of sales will continue to rise. In order to have a seat at the table, you’ll need to optimize in every way possible. Whether you’re building your team of SDRs or have been utilizing SDRs in your sales process for some time, automation can take your efforts to the next level.

To read the full article and gain more insights on each of these four tips, click here.

If you’d like additional resources on crafting data-driven messaging and how to focus on the metrics that matter for your outbound sales and marketing sequences check out our awesome How to Optimize Your Outbound Marketing Campaign  eBook. 

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How to Optimize your outbound campaigns

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