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Our company name summarizes well what we do:


Sapper is a term for a military position – a combat engineer who clears

and prepares the battlefield so soldiers can execute missions flawlessly.


Put simply, we clear the sales landscape (targeting, messaging, disqualification, and scheduling)

so all that’s left are your perfect customers waiting to talk to you.


 We deliver qualified meetings with real decision makers month over month.

Our methods serve only to help you get your products or services into the hands of companies

you’d like to have as customers.



A quick survey and exploratory call allow us to dive deep into your organization. By getting to know your company and offerings, we are able to understand and distill what makes you truly unique and valuable to potential customers.


No matter how small or wide your targeting, we use only the most reliable resources to find, reach, and engage your ideal audience. Every prospect is held to the standards of your organization and measured against our promise to deliver only opportunities that are a great fit for your business.

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We start with a broad search using relevant key-terms: regions, titles, industries, and more.


We comb those results generating a shortlist relevant to your needs.


Our communications target only real, potential decision makers.


Our messaging takes a human approach, understanding that great business opportunities start with the people that drive them. That’s why our creative writers craft compelling messages that inspire your ideal prospects to take action. Additionally, our team uses proven DISC personality assessments to craft messages unique to each prospect, leveraging more powerful emotional connections, and improving the chances of interest.

  • Personality


    Tj is enthusiastic, persuasive, and much more focused on the big picture than details or process. Relax and get to the point.

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    Jillian is a dynamic innovator that thrives in chaos: creative, focused, and spontaneous, she sometimes makes decisions that might seem unpredictable. Speak boldly and show your personality.

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    Jimmy works like a general: Bold, pragmatic, skeptical, extremely goal-driven, and most comfortable with control. Meet them head-on and speak logically.

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    Sara is diligent, stable, dependably accurate, skeptical of change, and non-confrontational. Catch the details and set expectations.

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    Ryan gets bored with routine and loves to tackle challenging, complex problems. So, take time to discuss details and reasoning. Mind the details and speak rationally.


All of these methods merge to create dynamic and engaging content targeted to your ideal customers. But that’s only the beginning. We conduct A/B testing and beyond to narrow down on the perfect approach. Every touchpoint is built off of a foundational understanding of our prospects: crafted for their specific personality, and written with human intent.

Day & Time

Evaluating the time when particular messages resonate most with our prospects.


Location-based data in order to leverage regional trends, needs, and prospects.


Examining subject lines, value propositions, email composition, and more to identify ideal communications for each of your prospects.

  • Sapper has eliminated the need for me to make cold calls. They set sales meetings with decision makers and they've carved out a nice niche. I've worked with Sapper since May of 2016 and my ROI is 600%.
    Brad Ruben, Archway Computer

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