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When should you bring up Pricing? Hint: It's not at the end. Get my free video on navigating pricing like a pro.

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"Jeff provided me with a step-by-step plan to run a (sales) call. I realized some of the mistakes I was making and implemented as much as I could.

To my amazement, after the first feedback session, I landed a deal on my first call!!! I can't begin to say how thankful I am to Jeff and the team for working with me to transition into someone that can bring in business."

Jake Persofsky, (President) Insperia

Course description

My 10-video series and consulting services are for anyone who wants to take a deeper look at their own skills and learn what world-class sales teams do every day to close deals after just one call.

  • 1. State of Mind: Get your mind right. This video details the 4 States of Mind necessary to avoid looking desparate and increasing the probablilty of winning deals.
  • 2. Prep: All the greats warm up before stepping into the ring. Find your prospect on LinkedIn? Seek out commonalities for small talk? Absolutely not. All you need to know is in this video.
  • 3. Opening: Forget what you've learned about rapport building and "finding pain". Too transparent for the modern day prospect. The opening is about NOT being disliked and building credibility in a completely new way.
  • 4. Your Story: Your pitch is now a PERSONAL story. Learn the "4 Pitch Elements" that will hook your prospect in 3 Minutes or less.
  • 5. Your Process: How to clearly, succinctly, (and most importantly) simply explain what you do in 4 steps. No more. No less.
  • 6. Q & A: No more persuading. No more objection handling–your prospects can smell it. Learn how to field questions naturally.
  • 7. Pricing: Whoever said, "You have to establish value before you talk price," ruined it for the rest of us. You cannot assign value unless you know price. Period. We talk about how and when to bring it up.
  • 8. Closing: So close, but so far away. We discuss how to wrap up the crucial last few minutes of the call, win the deal, and to NEVER “ask for the business”. 
  • 9. Agreement, Follow Up, and Chasing Prospects Who Stop Responding: Stop chasing prospects for good. A step-by-step follow up guide that ensures you're not wasting time on deals that will never close.
  • 10. Wrap-Up: Tying it all together.

Increase Close Rates

The "One Call Close" method works, helping me grow my company's revenues by 546% in two years. It is a blueprint, - a step-by-step guide for how to optimally handle a sales meeting. And it’s being adopted by more and more individuals and companies every day.

Shorten Sales Cycles

This video and sales consulting series gives you the training and resources to own the bottom of the funnel, increase conversions, and acquire new customers fast.

Perfect and Repeat

This is for companies who want their sales teams to close more deals faster. This is not a "give a generic speech and leave" kind of thing. This is role play. This is practice. This is hands dirty. This is ongoing work to ensure your current team and new hires are closing deals fast.