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In this blog post, we'll discuss Sapper's meeting-setting experts, the Partner Delivery Manager. This role is responsible for consistently scheduling qualified sales meetings for our clients, the most critical component of lead generation.
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At Sapper, our number one priority is maintaining positive relationships with our clients and performing at the highest level possible. To better meet that standard, we recently decided to expand our team, develop new roles, and provide more resources to our clients. In this series, we will  explain each of the new roles, the intention behind them, and the value they offer to Sapper’s clients.

While transforming the team structure at Sapper, we split the Client Success Manager into several roles. Those include the Partner Success Manager, Campaign Strategist, and Partner Delivery Manager. This split (known internally as Banana Split) allowed us to create specialized roles to cultivate specific skill sets in our team while providing more support for our clients.

In this blog post, we will review our meeting-setting experts, the Partner Delivery Manager. This role is responsible for consistently scheduling qualified sales meetings for our clients, the most critical component of lead generation.

Who is a Partner Delivery Manager?

Partner Delivery Managers are responsible for directly impacting the growth and success of our clients because their main responsibility is to set qualified sales meetings on behalf of our clients. At Sapper Consulting, we generate leads through email marketing. Our PDMs manage their clients’ inboxes and respond to each inquiry, personally.  

In addition to managing the inbox, Partner Delivery Managers create call tasks to call warm leads, follow up with leads that have expressed interest in the past, and schedule meetings for our clients. The most critical component of Sapper’s business is utilizing e-mail to secure B2B sales meetings with decision makers at companies our clients want to do business with.

As the primary liaison between the client inbox and the internal team, the Partner Delivery Manager identifies inbox trends and communicates them with the team. This qualitative data impacts strategy decisions and gives our team a first-hand look of what prospects are saying in response to our emails. 

How Do Partner Success Managers Benefit Sapper’s Clients?

Because Sapper’s PDMs main priority is to manage their clients’ inboxes, they have the time and bandwidth to respond to each and every inquiry. Because a real person is responding, prospects feel cared for and can receive the exact attention they need to move to next steps. PDMs respond to a prospect’s needs within a timely manner to help build trust and rapport for our clients. 

Within the Partner Delivery Manager’s role, scheduling quality meetings for the client is of the utmost importance. We know that our clients’ success is our success, so the Partner Delivery Manager is responsible for maintaining a monthly Meeting Obligation Rate (MOR). This means that our team manages metrics that directly align with the goals of our clients. The PDM maintains and nurtures leads within the inbox with the goal of scheduling meetings with qualified prospects for their clients. 

The ultimate goal for the Partner Delivery Manager is to work together with the Partner Success Manager, Campaign Strategist, Content Manager, and Director of Partner Delivery to deliver the highest quality meeting and establish a strong sales pipeline that leads to ROI for Sapper services.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on the Sapper team. If you have any questions on your current team, reach out to your Partner Success Manager. If this role sounds like a perfect fit for you, click here to see any openings.

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