How Sales Outsourcing Reduces Costs for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

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Company budget planning is on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to reevaluate your spending for this upcoming fiscal year. As you look at your costs, it’s important to consider what goals you aim to achieve

Do you want to add more products or services to your offerings? How much revenue do you want to generate? What do you plan on growing your business?

As you ask yourself these questions, it’s important to consider what can and should be done in-house versus outsourcing. While there are many reasons to outsource portions of your everyday business functions, one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing is cost savings. And one of the most common areas where small to medium-sized businesses outsource is through their business growth efforts.

Today, many small to medium-sized businesses are choosing to outsource work to cost-effective sales and marketing firms because they can:

  • Minimize Onboarding and Training Costs
  • Reduce Overhead and Labor Costs
  • Obtain a Team of Sales Experts for the Price of a Single SDR
  • Have Access to Costly Sales Tools and Technologies

Minimize Onboarding and Training Costs

Many companies choose to outsource their sales efforts to minimize onboarding and training costs. Recruiting and hiring new employees is costly and takes up a significant amount of time you could spend on everyday business functions. Outsourcing sales allows you to focus on providing excellent customer service and more critical business processes.

While you may not be able to successfully outsource everything in your core business operations, hiring a third-party sales and marketing firm allows you to cut your overall training costs. Like the recruiting and hiring process, training takes up a lot of time and money to ensure everyday business operations run smoothly. Outsourcing sales and marketing efforts empower you to spend less time training sales employees and more time closing business deals.

Reduce Overhead and Labor Costs

Remote work may be more common today than in years past, but office overhead costs are still relevant to many businesses in various industries. Many companies choose to outsource work in sales and marketing to reduce overhead costs. Outsourcing these services empowers growing businesses to focus less on the size of the available space and put more money on other everyday business functions.

Additionally, when you reduce overhead costs, you have more money to put into your full-time employees, whether bumping salaries or investing more in your company culture. With fewer employees to focus on, you have the opportunity to learn what high-performing employees expect from your company, increasing the likelihood of keeping them loyal to your business.

When you add up all the salaries, benefits, and compensation packages of a sales team, you risk putting a dent in your financial resources. On average, the price of duplicating the sales experts you need for a sustainable sales process can cost more than $31,853 a month. When companies outsource to third-party sales and marketing firms, they can achieve cost savings towards accelerating their business functions.

Obtain a Team of Sales Experts for the Price of a Single SDR

Sales isn’t a one-person operation. It requires a team of high-performing sales experts that know how to approach every step in the sales process—from prospecting to closing deals. While there are many reasons to outsource sales efforts, one of the most significant benefits is obtaining a team of sales experts for the price of one.

According to Built In, the average salary of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) in the United States is $56,748. But when you outsource your business growth efforts, you can access a team of sales experts for a fraction of the price.

When companies choose Sapper Consulting as their leading sales and marketing provider, we present them with the following sales experts:

  • Partner Success Manager: This person is responsible for connecting with the client and exploring new opportunities they can take for maximized business growth.
  • Deliverability Analyst: This person explores the data and success of a client’s email marketing campaigns.
  • Partner Delivery Manager: This person manages a client’s inbox and sends personalized emails to interested prospects in the sales pipeline.
  • Campaign Strategist: This person is tasked with analyzing data entries given by the Deliverability Analyst to determine what steps should be taken to maximize ROI.
  • Content Manager: This person is responsible for crafting sales emails that will be automated and sent to every prospect in the sales pipeline.

Have Access to Costly Sales Tools and Technologies

Sales teams may be good at what they do but can’t make the most of their time without advanced sales tools and technologies. However, having a sales tech stack is costly and can negatively impact your company’s bottom line.

Sales tools and technologies are essential for every step of the sales process, from strategic prospecting to consistent messaging. At Sapper Consulting, we implement a wide range of sales software to help clients maximize their business growth efforts, including:

  • ZoomInfo
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Asana

To duplicate our tech stack internally, you’d be spending at least $2,992 a month. Additionally, we give our partners access to our internal prospecting database and client engagement platform, which we refer to as SapperSuite. With SapperSuite, growing businesses have the opportunity to personally select what kind of prospects they want in their sales pipelines and get a first-hand look into how their email marketing campaigns are performing.

Today, very few businesses can operate without a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, at least not efficiently. A CRM platform is crucial for streamlining everyday business functions, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. With a CRM solution in place, companies can align each department’s processes, ensuring a cohesive business growth strategy.

Key Takeaways

While there are many costs and benefits of outsourcing sales operations, small to medium-sized businesses often forget about its impact. Initially, internalizing sales and marketing efforts may sound like the ideal solution because it allows business owners to gain a full scope of how their campaigns are running. However, outsourcing sales and marketing with Sapper Consulting empowers you to do this as well—at a fraction of the price.

Looking to protect your bottom line and build an even more sustainable sales process? Contact the business growth experts at Sapper Consulting to get started!

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