The Perfect Sales Follow Up Email

Boost response rates by following up with potential clients! Here are three simple tactics to improve your standard follow up sales email.
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 Spoiler: it’s not just one.

There are many techniques Sapper uses to get insane response rates for our clients. One campaign in May yielded an 85% open rate and 45% reply rate for a client:

With these tactics, we’ve scheduled over 25,000 sales meetings for our clients. And in this article, I’m going to detail 3 of our favorite sales follow up emails that have helped us to do so, and the psychology behind why they work:

1. “Any thoughts?”

Seriously. That’s it. After your initial sales email, hit them with this two word fastball that is made to create confusion (in a good way). We’ve already talked about including the reader’s inner thoughts in the conversation.

When this is latched onto the original email thread, the first thing that goes through their mind is, “Any thoughts about what? What did I miss?” This little conversation has them clicking back and re-reading your original email.

Who says you only get one first impression?

Maybe they missed it the first time, skimmed it, or it just didn’t hit them the right way. Suddenly, you have another shot at piquing their interest (as long as your first sales email is bang-a-rang, too).

With the rise of email automation, many don’t take their time anymore. It’s pretty easy to blast 10,000 emails out without thinking twice about it. But if you give the appearance that your’e taking the time out to reach out to your prospect with relevant information, they’ll respond.

That email looks like this:


Any thoughts?



sent from mobile


The mobile signature is a nice touch too, especially if you have the prospect in an email sequence. It lets them know that they’ve been dealing with a human the whole time (even if they haven’t) and are much more likely to respond.

2. “I thought I had the right contact”

With all of the prospecting tools and email marketing platforms available, most people can tell when they’ve been put on a list. When they realize it, they’ll send a sweet message asking you to remove them.

Those usually look like this: TAKE ME OFF YOUR [expletive] LIST before I…

Well, you probably know the rest.

We hate that. It’s the worst, because good marketers don’t want to bother people.

If you find yourself having prospected someone who’s nowhere near the ballpark of what you’re discussing, practice two things: humility and humanity. That looks something like this:


Hey [prospect],

I spend quite a bit of time researching potential clients to understand who could truly benefit from our services. Originally, I thought you were a great fit but I may have made a mistake.

If that’s the case, I apologize and would appreciate your passing me along to someone who’s a little closer to these types of decisions. If you are the correct contact, would you still have time to discuss ?


We’re apologetic but not groveling. We recognize the potential of a mistake, but also highlight the thought and work that has gone into our outreach so far. Find a balance that works for you, and you’ll be amazed at how often you get passed to the right person.

3. Give them options

In school, I loathed seeing essay questions when a perfectly good multiple choice would do. A lot of people share this feeling because many of us only have so much in our critical thought tanks every day.

If the call to action in your email makes your prospect respond with a novel, it’s too much. Here’s one way to lay out the options:



I know you’re busy so I wrote this simple email to gauge where you’re at. Select what makes the most sense for you and we’ll get something on the books.

1. Not interested.

2. Busy right now. Reach out in a month.

3. I’m interested. Let’s schedule a call.




Short. Sweet. To the point. This said, I’ve seen similar email tactics that include a cutesy 4th option like, “4. You’ve fallen and can’t get up, and I need to call someone!” to get a laugh.

I get it.

But personally, I don’t find most of them funny, and it’s likely that many of your prospects won’t either. So unless you know exactly who you’re writing to and what kind of humor they’ll respond to, resist the temptation!

Bottom Line

Sapper (and many others) are still experimenting to find the perfect follow up sales email. And so far, no one right way exists. But there are lead generation tactics, that when combined, have produced incredible results for us and our clients.

If you have any other killer tactics for professional follow up emails that have worked well for you in the past, share them in the comments below.


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