What is RevOps and Why is it Important?

When we were first starting out here at Sapper Consulting we could’ve greatly benefitted from having a RevOps team in place. In a previous life, our departments were not aligned or communicating efficiently, we lacked a full understanding of other teams’ processes, and we were experiencing inconsistencies in our data. Until we discovered the power of RevOps…

Bridging the Gap Between Product and Services

While both our product team and services team are high-performing, we’ve never had the chance to consistently interact and take stock of each other’s priorities. But by implementing a few simple changes, our already fast-moving company became even faster.

3 Benefits You’ll Need to Offer Post-Pandemic

This article was originally published on HR Daily Advisor on June 2, 2020. Have you reevaluated your employee benefits package since social distancing was implemented? It’s likely that your pre-pandemic perks, plans, and promises won’t hold up after COVID-19 passes. You’ll need new, creative benefits to retain talented employees and snag new superstars. How your […]

4 Ways to Empower Your SDR

Sales development representatives can help transition your leads to the next step of the sales funnel. Learn 4 simple step you can take to help your SDRs.