The Importance of Big Data in Email Marketing

Using big data in your email marketing campaigns helps you identify who your customers are, what they need, and when they need it. If you don’t have these insights, you’re basically taking a guess at who your ideal prospects are.

Client Testimonial: Full Pipeline

After working with Sapper for just eight months, Innovative Product Solutions secured more sales introductions than in their last few years of business. With a full pipeline, we are helping to create sustainable growth for IPS.

Client Testimonial : 50% ROI

Working with Sapper for just a few short months, Thames Management Resources secured several new clients and achieved 50% ROI. 

10 Tips to Create Effective Outbound Prospecting Emails

Convincing strangers to give you 30 minutes of their time is a challenge; convincing strangers that are not actively looking for your product, on the other hand, can be impossible. Download this cheat sheet and learn 10 tips you can implement to create more effective prospecting emails.

6 Tactics to Generate Leads for Niche B2B Businesses

Successful lead generation is a complex process for any industry, but lead generation within a hyper-targeted niche requires extra attention. Download the cheat shee to learn 6 lead generation tactics for niche businesses.

Personalization Failure: Your Data Cleanliness Could be Hurting your Credibility

Despite the rise of social media platforms, AI chatbots, and texting, email is still one of the most powerful tools in your sales arsenal. Not only do email campaigns create $44 for every $1 spent, but nearly 60 percent of marketers admit email is their single biggest driver of ROI. Unfortunately, every other salesperson is […]

How to Write Marketing Emails for Pandemic-Era Prospects in 2021: A Guide

While established media brands and streaming websites saw significant increases in traffic, many other URLs took hits as people’s digital viewing behaviors changed. Email marketers who couldn’t keep up were left wondering why their content wasn’t converting despite the record number of people online.

How to Psychologically Segment Audiences to Better Connect Via Email

Taking a psychologically segmented approach to emails and other marketing pieces forces you to focus on your customer’s needs. And guess what? They’ll know it and respond.

After all, buyers are a whole lot savvier than they used to be. They’ll put their money toward companies that listen, even if the organizations are less qualified on paper than others.

You might be new to this method of using psychology to increase your customer service through communications venues, but it will become second nature if you practice it regularly.

Persona-Based Email Marketing Is on the Rise: Here’s How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

This article was originally published on Sales Hacker. At least 69 percent of businesses invest significant time and money into email marketing, according to a recent survey by business news website The Manifest. But without an engaging, persona-based approach, many of them might just be spinning their wheels on lead generation. Crafting and targeting emails […]

How to Triple Your Sales Meetings

Writing effective cold emails can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Read our guide on using them to triple your sales and secure new clients.

B2B Leads and the Email Wild West

Properly navigating the B2B space can have a significant impact on your lead generation success. Discover 5 factors to focus on as you develop your approach.