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Introducing Sapper’s newest innovation, the Client Overview in SapperSuite. Our hope is that this initiative will lead to more visibility, more collaboration, and more closed deals. 
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Introducing Sapper’s newest innovation, the Client Overview in SapperSuite. Partnering with our development team, our client services department has been working tirelessly to create a Sapper CRM to support our clients. Our hope is that this initiative will lead to more visibility, more collaboration, and more closed deals. 

Why a Client Overview?

  • The Client Overview increases visibility for Sapper’s clients. It allows our customers to analyze campaign performance while also offering a behind-the-scenes view of campaign updates and changes.
  • The Client Overview increases opportunities for collaboration between Sapper and our clients. With a streamlined solution to provide feedback on meetings and content, we can more effectively partner to create solutions.
  • With real-time campaign statistics from multiple platforms, the Client Overview evaluates strategy performance for optimization, resulting in more closed deals. 

Features Overview

  • Dashboard with total meetings booked, the average quality of meetings, and generated revenue 
  • View of sales pipeline
  • Direct line of communication for feedback with Sapper team 
  • Realtime campaign statistics

The Client Overview helps our clients to think big picture while also providing insight into the nuances of campaign performance. The dashboard offers a high-level view of our progress, including meetings booked, average quality of meeting, and generated revenue. These stats clearly and quickly measure our success against our clients’ business goals. The real-time stats on meetings booked offer a more in-depth understanding of performance by strategy and include data on meetings by target demographic and template. The Client Overview provides everything necessary to understand Sapper’s impact, as well as the data to optimize campaigns for better results. 

Pipeline View

We know that a qualified meeting is just the first step to a closed deal. From the pipeline view, our clients can keep track of open leads and move prospects through their sales funnel. By keeping active notes in the platform, the Sapper team can continuously examine the relationship and use this qualitative data to inform strategy decisions.  

Content Tab 

Modeled after a pizza tracker, our clients can view each step of the content creation process. Draft, Review, and Edit are all internal processes. Once new content is available, our clients have access to review each individual template and can approve messaging directly in the portal. Feedback can also be given in the platform for our team to implement. 

Once the final approval is created in the platform, we will upload content and start running.

Meeting Analysis 

For the first time ever, we are able to collect and capture the real-time statistics of our campaign from outside programming and transfer the data into SapperSuite. Available 24/7, the Client Overview offers a breakdown of secured meetings by management level, industry, employee range, and revenue range. This data provides interesting insights allowing us to evaluate exactly what aspects of our strategy are creating the best results. Beyond the default view, we can examine previous months and compare results by meetings booked and strategy implemented. 

If you’re already a Sapper client and want to learn more about the Client Overview, connect with your dedicated Client Success Manager. If you’re considering Sapper as your lead generation partner, click here to see if we’d be a good fit for your business. 

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