Harness the Promise of Modern Sales

The mission of SalesSource and Sapper Consulting has always been to help businesses achieve the fast and sustainable growth that they dream of through the principles of modern sales practices. 

SalesSource and Sapper Consulting will now be working even more closely together to help companies discover and operationalize account-based sales development, and more critically, their ability to grow.


Our combined suite of offerings now include:

Go-to-Market Assessment

Lead-to-Cash process audit

Systems and data integrity analysis

Sales and marketing alignment

Revenue Stack Implementation

Sales engagement setup & training

CRM customization

Data provider integration 

Intent and scoring development

On-Demand Appointment Setting

Scale up existing SDR function

Test/iterate first time SDR model

Processing inbound demand

Content Development

Automated sales messaging

Custom sales messaging and playbooks

Content governance, sequence and cadence creation

Call scripts, objection handling

Ready to Learn More?

If you are looking to accelerate your revenue teams by leveraging

a modern sales stack, you don’t have to go at it alone.