Sales Ops & Sales Engagement Consulting

We help revenue teams harness the promise of modern sales engagement tools by helping them avoid mistakes and reduce the time it takes to accelerate revenue growth.

Get the most out of your investment in sales engagement

There have never been more tools & resources available to help companies rapidly reach new audiences for sales prospecting. 

Great technology is now table stakes for building a high-performing revenue engine, but it can’t be the only tool in your arsenal. Great technology is at the mercy of good organizational processes and alignment.

Sapper Consulting’s team of sales engagement experts is equipped and energized to help organizations best utilize their technology investments by aligning prospect and customer Data, Users, Content, and Tech Stack (or, DUCS).

Customizable Services Tailored to Help You Hit Your Organization's Goals

Our team industry veterans have been operators at the forefront of the Sales 2.0 movement, and are now committed to helping the most driven enterprises achieve their OKRs faster than they could on their own.

Sales engagement consulting services from Sapper are always customized to the goals and capabilities of each individual organization, some of the most common areas where our clients see the most benefit are:

Sales Engagement Platform Implementations & Administration

We'll help you deploy and manage your sales engagement platform. Whether it's Outreach, SalesLoft, HubSpot, or any other tool, we'll make sure you're set up for success.

Sales Technology Integrations & Data Hygeine

We'll make sure that all of your sales engagement technology data is clean and flows the way it should between your sales technologies like CRM, analytics tools, and line of business applications.

Sales Engagement Workflow Refinement & Documentation

We'll help you build & document effective, repeatable, and scalable sales engagement workflows to help you convert more qualified prospects for your sales team.

Sales Email Content Creation & Optimization

One of the hardest parts about building an effective sales engagement workflow is writing effective scripts & copy for emails. We'll work with your team to create and hone messaging that works for anyone on your team.

Sales Technology Adoption & Governance

We often see a company purchase sales technologies to help with sales engagement, but due to lack of training or expertise, the tools rarely get used by the team. We'll help train and encourage your team members to utilize and properly manage your sales engagement technologies.

If you’re ready to accelerate your pipeline creation, mid-funnel conversion, or account expansion, we’re here to help.

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