Lessons from Sales Consultants: 4 Creative Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Since sales people face a stressful work environment, managers need to guide their staff through the ups and downs. Use these 4 tips to inspire your team.
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 It doesn’t matter whether you’re the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys or managing a 2-person startup: the key to good leadership is understanding how to properly motivate your team. And that goes double for sales managers.

Indeed, sales people face a stressful work environment, and sales managers need to know how to navigate their staff through the ups and downs of the profession. Often, this skill separates the most successful companies from the ones that merely tread water. So what’s the secret, then? How can you get the most from your sales team? Well you can start by taking a few tips from experienced sales consultants; to that end, here are four ways to motivate your sales team:

Set Goals—Responsibly

No one wants to set meager goals. After all, what determined professional thinks small and only aims for modest targets? In truth though, setting too lofty goals can actually have a detrimental effect on your sales team. Because it’s so difficult to reach overly ambitious targets, you could inadvertently create a negative vibe around your office. Failure to meet a goal –– no matter how stratospheric –– can still cause frustration within your staff. Some would argue that falling short of a massive aim is better than attaining a humble figure. However, if you want to boost your team’s morale, make sure to underscore every victory. Additionally, setting team goals can provide a nice alternative to tracking individual performance. Not only will this likely increase camaraderie, it also takes the pressure off somewhat. Effective goal-setting is a delicate balance, but you should always try your best to get it right.

Manage Individuals—Individually

If you work in sales for any length of time, you soon realize that no two individuals are the same. As such, savvy sales people treat every client differently. (The shotgun sales approach can only take you so far.) So if you want to energize your sales team, you need to apply those same people skills. Remember that what works to fire up one employee might not have the same desired impact with others. Therefore, resist the urge to offer blanket rewards or set uniform stipulations on your team.

Rewards aren’t Cure-Alls

It’s about the oldest motivational ploy in the book; offering rewards and luxuries based on performance. And while we’re not saying that you shouldn’t congratulate your employees when they excel––because you absolutely should––don’t think that simply offering a reward will adequately motivate your team on its own. Rather, if you want to foster an atmosphere where everyone is pulling in the same direction, work toward a workplace where people feel good about themselves––and their jobs. Make no mistake, this requires hard work and dedication on your part. But the potential returns are massive.

Streamline Your Sales Process

This might sound like a no-brainer, but sales people are happiest when they’re closing deals. Regardless of what you do in terms of rewards or team-building exercises, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get your employees buzzing if you struggle to consistently land sales. That’s where effective sales consultants come in.

And finally, if you’re tired of coming up short using the same-old lead generation techniques, consider seeking help to kickstart your sales pipeline.

If your current lead generation tactics aren’t getting you the quality you need, Sapper uses precise targeting, big data, and creative emails to get you in the room with the perfect clients and buyers for your business.

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