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#1 Resource to Hit Your Next Sales Quota

Who wouldn't want to close deals as rapidly as possible and slay the long sales cycle once and for all? Published by the CEO of a fast-growing marketing firm, One Call Close provides an initial sales call recipe featuring tactical strategies to close deals faster.



20 Speakers You Shouldn't Miss The Opportunity To See

Jeff Winters is CEO of Sapper Consulting, which is using technology to revitalize sales techniques.

His talks cover all topics related to marketing, marketing automation, and sales and are well-regarded, thanks to his deep understanding of and passion for all things sales-related.



How (and How Not) to Use Gamification to Motivate your Sales Team

It's difficult for companies to find one method of motivating every member of their sales teams. Great salespeople and average salespeople are motivated differently. But companies with engaged employees bring in an average 147 percent more earnings per share. So how do you find a way to keep every member of your sales team engaged?



3 Ways for Outside Sales Reps to Master Inside Sales Skills

Even in field sales, prospects don’t want to have a first meeting with a stranger in person. They prefer an introductory phone call. If things go well, they’re open to the idea of a face-to-face meeting.

This creates an interesting scenario for outside salespeople. While they aren’t going extinct – certain industries will always require outside sales -- they do need to learn how to become highly competent inside salespeople for the first call.

Read on to see what my company, Sapper Consulting, has learned from scheduling thousands of sales meetings every month on behalf of hundreds of clients.



Tell It Like It Is: Radical Candor Is the Feedback Method Your Startup Needs

Growth is critical for startups, and it all starts with feedback. It's time to consider Radical Candor, a revolutionary feedback method that encourages leaders not to fear being blunt.

Honesty is key when it comes to feedback. But many leaders are inhibiting growth by not being honest enough with their employees.



Looking for a Sales Job? Here's How to Get One

Are your potential co-workers more introverted or extroverted (and it can go either way with salespeople)? Are they collaborative and honest? Will they give you the feedback you need?

If you find a job that meets all of your requirements, you’ll want to ace the interview to show that you’re the right fit. Here are four ways to help your interviewer see that you and the company are a perfect match:



Overland startup helps clients ditch the cold call

An Overland startup called Sapper Consulting thinks they have a solution to acquiring new customers and the company’s early success hints that they are likely on to something.

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