NEW | Flip the Script and REGIE Partnership Launch

The new partnership between Flip the Script and REGIE promises to bring more ROI to email campaigns than ever. Read more about this AI-driven campaign.
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We are so thrilled to announce REGIE’s partnership with Flip The Script, run by the legendary Becc Holland. This alliance will put Becc’s industry-changing ideas into the hands of all sellers. Her proven Personalization at Scale methodology will be available on the REGIE platform ( and enable sellers to achieve top-of-funnel excellence. This launch is only available in Outreach, the world’s leading Sales Engagement Platform, and will be available to all customers upon launch.

The rationale here is simple. As we continue through this pandemic, winning at sales remains on the top of everyone’s minds. Winning in sales has never been harder and never been more important. And, when you break sales down into its component parts and assess how each part is performing, it’s plain to see that prospecting is the culprit for so many of those not winning at sales. Survey after survey reveals that prospecting is getting harder. Salespeople are sending more emails and making more calls than ever and getting far fewer replies and meetings. The best practice is here today and gone tomorrow. This is a problem in need of a solution.

This is why we brought REGIE to market — to put the best prospecting campaigns in the hands of all sellers. REGIE is here to solve the problem faced by nearly every seller in the world today — identifying the optimal set of steps you should take in order to get a meeting with that prospect who will find value in your product or service.

Now, not only will REGIE deliver fully written, AI-driven sales campaigns (outbound, inbound and follow up) in under 5 mins, and go DIRECTLY into your Outreach instance through our new integration, but also it’ll do it with the proven greatness of PERSONALIZATION AT SCALE — the Becc Holland secret sauce. Adding Flip The Script content into the REGIE platform furthers our ability to deliver on the promise REGIE makes to sellers.

Becc has been honing this methodology for years and now is bringing it to the masses through her new Flip The Script venture. And when we sat down to structure this partnership, we found that there was a commonality that rose above all the others. One belief system that made our working together so natural — the idea that ALL sellers needed access to best in class sales campaigns. We knew that by combining Flip The Script and REGIE, we could achieve this goal.

And, so we did. We partnered together to bring this greatness to all sellers. So, on December, 1st, REGIE will release 7 Becc Holland sales campaigns. All of her best tried and true methodologies will be available inside of REGIE. Thereby helping to achieve our mutual, higher goal: helping salespeople win.

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