Lead Generation Marketing Means Nothing Without a Solid CTA

No matter what lead generation marketing strategy you're using, CTA's are ALWAYS important. They tell prospects how they can engage with you further.
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Lead generation marketing doesn’t exist without a solid “Call to Action,” and CTA can mean a lot of different things, depending on the channel you’re using to engage with prospects. You can (and you should!) be using CTA’s in blogs, emails, on your website, within eBooks, ads, and in social media posts. This is how you’ll convert those prospects into leads.

No matter what lead generation marketing strategy you’re using, CTA’s are ALWAYS important, because it tells viewers what the next step is, what they have to do to get even more benefit, and how they can engage with you further.

Before going any further, make sure you’ve identified your buyer persona.

Right now, we’ll tackle perhaps the easiest of all the CTA’s, the ones you should put in your blog.

I wanted to include a statistic to show how insanely important a CTA is, but it all depends…

…on how compelling your offer is.

…on which stage of the funnel your prospects are in.

…on how warm your prospects are.

…on whether or not mercury is in retrograde. (Just kidding.)

For example, if Sapper were to tweet a blog title and a link to our 18k+ Twitter followers, the conversion rate would be very different than if we were to send a portion of our email list to a flash sale of a product that they had already expressed interest in.

See where I’m going with this?

The first example is going to disappear from followers’ timelines in seconds. The second has the power of an extremely targeted market and the urgency of a limited time sale.

If you’re skeptical, just scope out some of these examples from Neil Patel’s site.

So how exactly does one create a solid CTA?

Elements OF A Strong CTA:

1. Make a compelling offer

At its core, compelling content means the CTA should be relevant to the reader. If you clicked on this blog about CTA’s, it wouldn’t make sense if we placed an ad at the end about “The Top Ten Accounting Tools for Small Busiensses,” right?

On the other hand, an ad for an ebook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Creating CTA Graphics,” could be really helpful to someone just learning about CTA’s.

2. Be clear and concise

You’re not writing a paragraph here. The reader has already gotten what they came for, they’ve read the blog they clicked on, and you’ve got seconds to convince them to stick around. 

Your Mission: Catch their eye and get them to click again. The end.

3. Use action verbs

“Register” and “submit” do not count, because boring. Words like “learn,” “grow,” and “master” are far more exciting.

4. Communicate value

Lead generation marketing is always about answering this question as quickly as possible – “What’s in it for me?” What value will the prospect receive if they take the action you’re suggesting?

Bonus points if you can combine the value + action words within the button itself, making clicking on that button look pretty damn good.

5. Include visual elements (like a button)

Remember, your CTA should be eye catching, and which is more eye catching – text or a graphic? That should be a no brainer. 

On top of that, you want to tell your prospect where to click. If they’ve got to scour the entire image for the right button or link, they might get tired and leave.  

6. Limit the number of CTA’s you include.

I know you want your reader to download your ebook, sign up for your newsletter, and purchase a product, but if you throw all of those things at them all at once, it would be a disaster. At best, they’ll be overwhelmed and choose one at random. At worst, they’ll be annoyed, and will go back to whatever social media site they found you on to unfollow.

This example from Neil Patel’s site has so much going on! Am I supposed to share on social, watch the video, or enter my website URL?

End of Neil Patel blog.png

Be thoughtful in how choose and present your CTA’s. Ideally, you’d have a funnel set up, in which you’d guide prospects from one specific action to the next.

So ask yourself, what is the ONE action you want prospects to take next?

Now check out the graphic below from the CoSchedule blog. The copy is minimalistic, clear, and compelling.Coschedule.png

“Yes, I’d love to save time AND grow my audience!”

It also tells me what benefit I’d get from clicking.

“Hello, actionable content delivered to my inbox. Yes, please.”

There’s a clear button to click on, and as a bonus, they added social proof, telling me that over 220k people have already subscribed.

“Sign me up!”
See, lead generation marketing doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Keep it simple!

Advanced CTA’s To Get The Leads Flowing:

Don’t feel obligated to use all of the examples below, or any at all, for that matter. Just know that there is a whole wide world of conversion increasing CTA’s out there, and it’s up to you to figure out which work best for your audience.

  • “Click here to continue” after a snippet of a blog post within your newsletter
  • In-line CTA’s (Link a phrase or sentence to another piece of your content for more info on that specific topic)
  • Ask viewer to “Like” a Facebook post
  • Connect on social buttons
  • Exit intent popups (That pop-up that appears as soon as your mouse goes for the back button)
  • “Click to Tweet” quotes in your blog posts
  • Prompt readers to leave a comment at the end of your blog
  • Sidebar ads
  • Animated CTA’s
  • CTA buttons within a video
  • Add an arrow pointing to the button you want visitors to click
  • Slide in CTA’s
  • Add time sensitivity
  • Put a CTA in the Hello Bar at the top of your website

In the end, CTA’s can be intimidating because there are an infinite number of variables, but they MUST be included if you’re serious about lead generation marketing. Without them, your prospects won’t know what to do next, and so they’ll leave.

Bite that bullet. Get started today. You can always test and improve them tomorrow.

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