Tired of Cold Calling?

Cold call prospecting is a grind. Even if you have resources to dedicate to it, it’s hard to be confident you are executing and managing it properly.

We eliminate the grind and uncertainty. Stay focused on closing deals, while we fill the pipeline with meetings.


What does lead generation look like for your company?

A solid lead generation strategy can make all the difference in whether your company is growing or shrinking. Yet tackling it can be intimidating and very confusing. 

  1. What should we do?

  2. Where do I start?

  3. What strategy is right for my business?

  4. How much should I spend?

  5. What kind of return should I see?

Whether you're just getting started in the world of lead generation or are looking for better results from your existing efforts, this guidebook covers all these concerns with a wide range of  tips and strategies to help you generate more leads.


The Power of Email Marketing

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Trackable + Effective + Tailored = 4300% ROI*

Because of its targeting and segmenting possibilities, email marketing helps you tailor your potential client’s journey from awareness through conversion. By sending high-value content directly to his inbox on a regular basis, you create a relationship, forming a bond that helps transform a cold lead into a hot one.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email had an ROI of around 4,300%. With all of the automation and analytics tools available for email, you can quickly determine what strategies are working for your campaign and make changes as needed.

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Part 3.

We’ve all been caught in a tricky text thread, the kind where you absentmindedly respond to a friend’s question with a simple “OK” and then suddenly find yourself getting the cold shoulder. If only you’d had that conversation face-to-face!


Perhaps that’s why so many people in sales — a full 65 percent, according to Chief Marketer’s 2018 B2B Lead Gen Trend Survey— prefer in-person meetings.


Anyone with face-to-face pitching experience knows it’s true that body language and tone shifts are much easier to lose over the phone or internet. You witness facial expressions, noticing smiles at light parts and (hopefully) shock at the impressive parts. You can also count clock checks or yawns and know it’s time to switch tactics.


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Part 4.

Old habits die hard; that’s as true for business as it is for any other aspect of life. And one of the oldest habits in the sales-and-marketing game is the cold call. Indeed, plenty of companies still utilize this technique that was developed decades ago, and while it continues to divide opinion within certain industries, it remains a big part of many business sales strategies. So to better understand cold calling, it’s time for an examination.

Consider this part of the article “Cold Calling 101” for beginners and veterans alike.

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Part 5.

TL;DR - Ask that company: “How many leads end up in closed deals?” and work backwards from there.

But if you want a little more to go on than that:

Lead generation takes a lot of time and energy. Time and energy that you should spend on servicing the clients you currently have. That’s what you do best, and that’s why you leave the lead gen up to someone else.

But you don’t want to hand over such an important task to just anyone. After all, leads are the lifeblood of any sales company. You want to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, but you also want to work with a lead generation company that is invested in your success.

Here are a few questions you should ask to make sure your lead generation company isn’t charging you too much for bad leads.

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