Don’t Sleep On These Underrated (Free) Marketing Tools

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“If I could only be a fly on the wall and know what potential clients are thinking.”

“If only I could act quickly on or even predict shifts in my industry to get the leg up on my competitors.”

That technology exists. And it’s called an RSS feed.

RSS feeds are a kind of “super” newsfeed that lets you pull articles, blogs, and news stories from your favorite online resources into one, organized location.

Here are a few to choose from.

I use Feedly, and I love it. (And no, they didn’t pay me to say that).

But, why is any of this important? Whether you consider yourself an A+ content marketer, or you’re just trying to leverage new channels and grow your business, RSS feeds give you a clear insight into the latest trends, changes, in not just the marketing space, but into events that could be directly relevant to your industry and clients.

How We Use RSS Feeds

Sapper’s lead generation business is built on sending insanely effective sales emails on behalf of our clients, yielding them discovery meetings that turn into new clients.

However, the perfect message is made up of many different parts, and that message will vary depending on a nearly infinite number of variables (who we’re sending from, who we’re sending to, what title, what industry, what time of day, what time of year, what region, the list goes on…)

We use RSS feeds as free marketing tools to not only make sure our messaging tactics are up to date, but to gain insights into what target prospects are concerned about.

That said, if you want a leg up on some content tips to get your prospects to take action, here are the top 5 free marketing tools we use to get new clients.

Our Top 5 Free Marketing Tools / Resources

1.  Hubspot Marketing

1.Hubspot probably has more articles about online presence, sales strategies, and business growth than there are pages on the Internet. Ok, maybe not that many, but their guides to everything business might be the most comprehensive (and free) marketing tool available. We’ve come up with dozens of ideas and answered many tough questions just by spending a few minutes on their site.

2. Copyblogger

You know those nuggets that stay with you? Maybe it’s one little blurb that changes the way you think about your strategy or the way you serve your customers. I feel like I have one of those breakthroughs every single time I read Copyblogger. From productivity to marketing tips and experiments, it’s a valuable sales resource I go back to again and again.

3. Kissmetrics

If the first two recommendations are the right-brain approach, Kissmetrics brings up the left with a punch. Results without pointless, and Kissmetrics’ data driven approach to all of their case studies and articles make content marketing a more accountable, tactical space. Subscribe if you not only want to know how it’s done, but how to repeat it, scale it, and measure it.

4. Content Marketing Institute

CMI gets a 10/10 for approachability. This was one of the first resources I subscribed to, back when I thought “marketing” was a fancy term for “a trip to the grocery store.” Their articles are always digestible, helpful, and actionable–whether you’re a marketing veteran or brand new to the space.

5. GetResponse Blog

While the previously mentioned resources are flashier, reliable resources in their own right, GetResponse is the zen master who has completely conquered the fundamentals. As far as consistent, effective marketing guidelines, GetResponse is the OG, the Genesis, and the blueprint for writing great copy.

Bottom Line

Obviously, these examples mostly revolve around copywriting and marketing, but RSS feeds can be used for a number of things: setting up alerts for certain keywords, authors, publications, etc.,

And these free marketing tools are only that: a tool. Experiment with sources and have fun with the process! Explore the resources I’ve mentioned and seek out your own. Lastly, make the most of this “fly-on-the-wall” vantage point and enjoy the benefits of a more engaged audience.

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