Ditch Your Sales Pitch and Focus On Your “Why”

When it comes to sales, figuring out your why can help you explain how your product or service can benefit people. Read the full article to learn more.
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Ditch Your Sales Pitch and Focus on Your “Why” appears as it was featured on BusinessTips.com

Lots of “experts” suggest that when you’re describing your business in a sales setting, you should focus on your “why” and how your product or service helps people.

For example, “Since I was a small boy growing up in Missouri, I have always cared deeply about taking data from disparate sources and combining it into one central database. That’s why I created centraldataggregator.com.” In B2B sales, though, the truth is that no one cares. When you are selling people something, they care about two things (and not in this order): 1. the benefit to them (their company and own job) and 2. the risk.

Can this product or service help their company? Can it help their ascension within the company? Both of those factors are all about time, money, and efficiency. Risk is all about how the failure of the product or service (for whatever reason) negatively impacts their company or their role at that company.


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