Sapper is a Premier
Lead Generation &
Sales Engagement Company.

Sapper Values

Care Deeply

Everything starts with our attitude towards our work, our team, and our clients. 

Embrace Change

We move fast, welcoming the new ideas and practices that make us better.

Criticize Directly

Feedback is not optional in our culture – it’s essential to our success. The right message strikes a perfect balance between caring deeply and criticizing directly.

Appreciate Always

Seek to understand and assume positive intent. Feedback is a chance to learn, and we appreciate opportunities to grow.

Have the Client’s Back

When faced with a tough decision, ask yourself what outcome is in the best interest of the client.

Celebrate Diversity

Different ideas, interests, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds make us smarter, stronger, and more successful.

Our Mission

Inspire innovation, celebrate growth, and clear a path to success for all who interact with Sapper.


Sapper is committed to creating inclusion and diversity across all levels of our organization.

We are holding ourselves accountable to combatting structural and societal racism and the impact of those traumas among our team-members and in our community. Most importantly, we are identifying where we have been a part of the problem instead of a righteous part of the solution.

We are critically evaluating our hiring and promotion practices to reflect our value and commitment of celebrating diversity. In addition, we are working to ensure that we are not just filling a quota or making a statement, but rather working to incorporate true multiculturalism within all facets of our organization.

As a team, we are committing to educating ourselves on privilege and on the realities of racism in our community. We will be holding regular, mandatory trainings as well as providing educational resources to be better informed.

Donations to Arch City Defenders (a Saint Louis-based organization that supports communities of color being disproportionately imprisoned by the State) are being made and matched by the company as well as individual teams. Ongoing mental health resources are being planned and deployed for all team members who find themselves in need of support.

Starting this year, Sapper will honor Juneteenth as a company-wide holiday commemoration and celebration of the liberation of slaves in the United States. It is our hope that team members use this day to exercise their rights to protest, or educate themselves on the long term roots of slavery that still permeate our society.

This is just the beginning. Please stay with us and hold us accountable as we hold ourselves accountable. We have a lot of work to do, but we have never been a company to shy away from hard work – especially when it comes to caring for our employees.

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