Client Testimonial: Quality Sales Meetings Create Sustainable Pipeline

With Sapper’s unique approach, we were able to consistently book qualified sales meeting for Pro Insurance to create new opportunities now and well into the future.
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Client: Pro Insurance Group
Industry: Insurance


They’ve been focusing on the business side of insurance for the last year and they wanted a dedicated lead generation team to take over their prospecting efforts.

Before Sapper, Pro Insurance had tried several other methods for lead generation with limited results. They were struggling to secure leads with an interest in next steps. 

The Plan:

With Sapper’s unique approach, we were able to consistently book qualified sales meetings for Pro Insurance to create new opportunities now and well into the future.

The Results:

  • Started with Sapper: February 2021
  • Lifetime Meetings Booked: 33

The only reservations I had were was is this going to be the same as the other cold calling companies that we worked with before? 

But that was quickly realized again with my own selling to myself you know selling to me directly where I know it worked for me.

This is completely different than receiving a phone call, where no one really wants to receive a cold call these days.

It’s easier to respond as a customer, I think, to the email, where it’s a quick ‘I’m not interested’, or ‘you keep bothering me so let’s at least tear it out and then maybe potentially have a call to make sure that this is a viable option for me’. My only hesitation was just, will this be like the other ones? I knew deep down that it was gonna be different,  just because it’s a different medium altogether, with the emails versus actual physical calls.

If you’re on the fence, my only recommendation would be just to give it a chance.


It’s different.


It’s not the same old cold call that we’re all potentially used to. This is different, it works, and it’s a completely different way of email communication as well.


It’s not your standard “hi i’d like to do business with you”,  it’s a constant update, a constant reach out to potential customers, and in a way that is different than anyone else that i’ve seen out there. So I can’t recommend them enough.


We have a great relationship, very transparent. Sapper provides good updates on what’s going on with our account. They’re always trying to change things up a little bit, make sure it’s fresh and new, so we’re not getting stagnant on the campaigns.


It has been a great relationship and a great, proactive approach. They’re not just letting it just sit there and not do anything, so that has been a breath of fresh air – working with a company that is proactive and can deliver on what they promised.

The first lead I believe only took a couple weeks, which was really good and again the value or the quality of the lead was head and shoulders above what we have been trying in the past with the regular cold calls.


The potential customer knows exactly when they’re going to be called and it’s a little more tangible, and I’m able to do some more homework up front with the leads that come in the door.

Prior to working with Sapper we’ve tried several different things most of it around cold call companies that would physically cold call potential customers. We had varying successes with those. Mostly they would start off fairly well, but then after two or  three months, pretty much would be complete crickets as far as potential leads in the door. So for whatever reason, it was just not working with the different companies that we tried for those cold calls. 


The quality of the [Sapper] leads have been, for the most part, excellent. They have been right in that they are the kind of businesses we want, as far as the size and the industry that they’re in, and again, the quality meaning that the party on the other end is very engaged, very interested in hearing what you have to say, and engaged in being sold basically.

That’s the key difference that I see –  is we not only have a lot of leads coming in,  but we also are getting leads that are of quality and substance that we can turn into actual sales at the end of the day.

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