Case Study : Developing Pipeline During a Pandemic

In this case study, learn how we provided consistent leads despite the many obstacles of 2020.
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If 2020 set back your financial goals, 2021 is your opportunity to get back on track, and even surpass your revenue quota. It all comes back to strategically filling your pipeline.

In 2020, Southern Benefit Systems chose to invest in Sapper. Southern Benefit Systems works with growing small to mid-sized companies, offering innovative plan design and HR services designed to help clients manage risk, reduce costs and enhance the overall well-being of their employees.

Despite the many obstacles of last year, we were able to source consistent opportunities and ‘at bats’ for their sales team. Southern Benefit Systems chose to combine Sapper’s services with a cold calling company. By utilizing big data and taking a unique approach to content, Sapper was able to consistently deliver more leads than the alternate vendor.

“In today’s world its so hard to get in front of people, especially face to face. Sapper is a necessary part of our marketing budget now.” – John Bradley, CEO

Not all lead generation providers are created equally. We’ve created tangible results in 80+ industries because we know you’re not just looking for another vendor; you’re seeking a specialized partner to help you grow your business. To read more about the results of Southern Benefit Systems, as well as Sapper’s unique approach to lead generation, click here

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