Bionic SDR from Sapper Consulting

Scaling your pipeline quickly can be an impossible feat. With the rising table-stakes of sales come new challenges and modern obstacles that are impacting your bottom line. In fact, 43% of companies miss annual revenue targets. To overcome modern obstacles you’ll need to implement modern solutions; a team of sales development reps is the cost of entry to produce a high-yielding revenue engine. 

But hiring a team of effective, efficient outsourced SDRs is not as simple as it may seem. Securing and training the right SDR for your team is a huge resource investment; from ramp time to tech stack, you’ll invest time, money, and manpower.  And even with the best upfront investment, the average SDR tenure is only 16 months. 

Additionally, you’ll need someone to manage and train those SDRs, a tech admin, someone to research your prospects, build targeting lists, write content (that hopefully is engaging), purchase the right tech stack, and monitor results to make the correct pivots….

Do you have the time, energy, and resources to make this kind of initiative successful?

Enter Sapper’s Bionic SDR: your outsourced, full-stack, multichannel sales development representative.

Put simply, we provide a team of outsourced SDRs dedicated to finding you more sales opportunities that end in closed deals. We research your prospects, build targeted lists matching your ideal customer, write content, and even manage the tech stack – all that’s left to do is close deals with interested, qualified prospects.

The Sapper Advantage

We’ve served thousands of clients in over 80+ different industries; our Bionic SDR program allows us to leverage all of our in-house knowledge and expertise to give your prospecting efforts a competitive advantage on all fronts of your campaign. Most SDRs spend up to 50% of their day completing administration tasks.

From CRM management and prospect research, to content creation and optimization, there are endless activities that can take away from the most critical task of an SDR : speaking to your prospects. With Sapper, your dedicated outsourced SDR can commit their full day to speaking with qualified leads, while our diverse team of experts optimizes the strategy, manages administration, and pulls the right levers to make it happen.

The Bionic SDR is Made Up of 5 Parts:


Your outsourced sales development representative spends 100% of their time engaging with prospects via phone and email, turning qualified prospects into warm leads.


Your campaign is only as strong as your content. Our outbound content specialist will be in charge of writing personalized content that speaks directly to your ideal audience.


The Bionic SDR’s research team sources intent data, research prospect companies, and individuals to identify key pain points and opportunities for value propositions.

Tech Admin

From sales engagement software to email outreach, our in-house tech admin will ensure your campaign foundation is sound and running smoothly.

Client Success Manager:

Your dedicated CSM is your point of contact. They also manage campaign iteration, optimization, and feedback from your team.

Sapper Strategy

  • Research: Each campaign is personalized to both our client and their customer. Our outsourced SDR team uses intent data to gauge interest and does in-depth research on the pains and priorities of your ideal customers.
  • Personalization: Our SDR experts focus on creating personalization at scale to represent the demographic for each of your target audiences. From the tone of our content to the channels we focus on, our campaigns are customized to your needs.
  • Connection: Our outsourced SDR takes a multichannel approach to connect with your audience. Including email, phone calls, and LinkedIn, we build on previous touchpoints to transform cold prospects into warm leads.
  • Iteration: At Sapper, we are constantly focused on improvement. We incorporate both qualitative and quantitative feedback to iterate our strategy, marketing collateral, sales tech alignment, and sales leadership alignment.

If managing a team of SDRs in-house doesn’t fit your budget, timeline, or revenue goals, it’s time to consider new solutions. Scale your sales pipeline quickly with Sapper’s Bionic SDR.

Ready to get more leads?

We're ready, too. Sapper becomes a natural extension of your existing sales efforts, helping you find and close more qualified opportunities that are a great fit for your business.