How to Recession Proof Your Business

Learn how successful companies thrive before, during, and even after a recession. We cover 5 ways to plan for success in times of economic uncertainty.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Sales Reps

The clock is ticking until the holidays are over and if you still don’t have a gift for your favorite salesperson, you’ve come to the right place!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Marketers

Not sure what to get your content writer, social strategist, or director of marketing? You can’t go wrong with techy gadgets or apps that spark creativity.

Your Team: Partner Delivery Manager

In this blog post, we’ll discuss Sapper’s meeting-setting experts, the Partner Delivery Manager. This role is responsible for consistently scheduling qualified sales meetings for our clients, the most critical component of lead generation.

Your Team: Partner Success Manager

In this blog post, we will review the client’s right hand and main point of contact, the Partner Success Manager. This role is an expert communicator who aims to achieve 100% client satisfaction – no small feat.

4 Tactics to Get Past Gatekeepers

Getting past the gatekeeper is a common challenge for most salespeople and overcoming this obstacle is a critical skill if you want to earn new clients.

Client Testimonial: Full Pipeline

After working with Sapper for just eight months, Intelligent Product Solutions secured more sales introductions than in their last few years of business. With a full pipeline, we are helping to create sustainable growth for IPS.

SapperSuite’s Client Overview

Introducing Sapper’s newest innovation, the Client Overview in SapperSuite. Our hope is that this initiative will lead to more visibility, more collaboration, and more closed deals. 

Client Testimonial : 50% ROI

Working with Sapper for just a few short months, Thames Management Resources secured several new clients and achieved 50% ROI. 

Is Your Marketing Campaign Too Personalized?

While buyer-centric strategies are commonplace in today’s marketing arena, creating hyper-specific campaigns can actually sabotage your results. In fact, if you focus too much on personalization, you may end up alienating a large portion of your audience.

How Much Should You Pay For Leads?

Cost per lead varies widely by industry, target market, and lead quality…So how do you evaluate fair prices while still generating quality leads?

The Myths of Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound marketing hasn’t always had the best reputation. From snake oil salesmen promising hundreds of quality leads, to the occasionally intrusive nature of outbound tactics, outbound methods make many marketers hesitate. In this blog post, we’ll separate fact from fiction.

Why Lead Generation is Not a Magic Bullet Solution

Lead generation, done correctly, supplies a steady stream of prospects to convert deals now while filling your sales funnel months into the future. Lead generation is not a magic bullet solution; it’s a long-term strategy of growth and stability.

How to Sell to Cold Leads

With the right nurture strategy, cold prospects are just warm leads waiting to convert. Take your time with cold leads and reap the rewards of a sustainable pipeline.

Case Study: Marketer Achieves 200% ROI

Learn how marketer Square360 generated 200% ROI while working with Sapper Consulting. Because Sapper consistently provided quality leads that had both the need and budget, Square360 signed an additional two clients within their first year of working with Sapper.

How Your Outdated Website is Hurting Your SMB’s Credibility

Websites influence 97% of clients’ purchasing decisions. While you might think that this is a no-brainer, many B2B organizations devalue the impact of their own website. In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the common mistakes B2B SMB’s make on their websites that hurt their credibility.

6 Tactics to Generate Leads for Niche B2B Businesses

Successful lead generation is a complex process for any industry, but lead generation within a hyper-targeted niche requires extra attention. Download the cheat shee to learn 6 lead generation tactics for niche businesses.

10 Reasons Your Prospecting Activities Aren’t Generating Interest

Reaching out to the right lead, with the right messaging, at exactly the right time can feel like wandering through a labyrinth. If you’re just getting started with your own lead generation engine or you’re having trouble finding the gaps in your campaign, below are ten common pitfalls that may be impacting your results.

How to Connect with Decision Makers

Reaching your decision maker will make or break your lead generation campaign. These three strategies can help you to cut through the noise, get to the point, and turn cold prospecting from radio silence into a significant opportunity.

Are Your Business Emails Landing in Spam?

According to recent research, 20 percent of all commercial emails end up in the spam folder. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Here’s how you can dodge your prospects’ spam folder.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Decreasing Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost, often referred to simply as CAC, is one of the most important sales and marketing metrics. Calculated correctly, it shows nothing less than the viability of your marketing strategy. Ignored, it could lead to uninformed marketing efforts, low-quality lead generation, and even stalled business growth.

Sapper Named Women in the Workplace Honoree

Sapper is pleased to announce that we have been selected as an honoree in The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis’ fourth annual Women in the Workplace award by demonstrating a strong commitment to gender equity and women’s advancement in the workplace.

Q&A with Sapper’s Sales Development Expert

In this article, Sapper’s resident SDR expert Brian Mueller sits down with us to answer your most pressing questions on all things sales development. Whether you’re an SDR, you manage an SDR, or are considering hiring or outsourcing an SDR, this article is for you.

Sales Enablement 101

Sales enablement is, in short, setting your sales team up for success with the resources they need to efficiently close deals…

Employee Training Firm Builds Full Pipeline of Consistent Sales Leads with Sapper

The Challenge? Eagle’s flight offers a dynamic approach to employee training through experimental learning. Whether your goal is to reduce turnover, upgrade your virtual learning experience, upskill your leaders or become customer-centric, Eagle’s Flight’s partners with you to make it a reality. VP of Learning Solutions Kevin Conklin’s first experience with Sapper was with a previous […]

Professional CPA Firm Gets 400% ROI with Lead Generation from Sapper Consulting

Before hiring Sapper, NRA CPA had tried a combination of in-house efforts to set appointments, as well as similar services. Despite their efforts, they never saw the traction they were looking for. Since the start of service, Sapper has achieved over 400% return on investment with similar figures already added to their future sales pipeline.

How to Write Marketing Emails for Pandemic-Era Prospects in 2021: A Guide

While established media brands and streaming websites saw significant increases in traffic, many other URLs took hits as people’s digital viewing behaviors changed. Email marketers who couldn’t keep up were left wondering why their content wasn’t converting despite the record number of people online.

Managed IT Services Firm Creates 70% of Annual Sales with Sapper Leads

As an IT expert, Dan Thomas didn’t have a direct
background in sales & marketing. When
Dan decided to open his own franchise, he
sought out Sapper as a lead generation partner.

Sapper’s prospecting activities created 70% of their yearly sales and led to sales meetings with prospects that became their 2 highest paying clients.​

Ultimate Gift Guide for SDRs

With the holidays closing in, it’s the perfect time to show a little extra appreciation to the person who qualifies your leads: your SDR.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for CSMs

If anyone knows the hustle of the holiday season, it’s your CSM. This curated gift guide ranges from productivity enhancers to classic presents.

How to Start Off 2021 for Pandemic Recovery

Sales teams are still reeling from a year full of uncertainty thanks to a global pandemic. The responsiveness of successful organizations in the next few months will make or break your 2021 pipeline, making it vital to recover now from the hits you took last year.

A Beginners Guide to Retargeting

Retargeting keeps your brand in front of potential customers as they browse the web. Learn more about this powerful advertising tool now!

Anatomy of a Lead Generation Provider

Hire the best lead generation service for your needs and maximize your business efforts. We’ve outlined the inner workings of a lead generation provider here.

Sales Funnel Land: Inside the Customer Journey

Whether you want a better understanding of your customer journey, or you want to challenge your team in the race from Awareness Island to Conversion Castle, this infographic will teach you which marketing efforts can propel your prospects toward conversion and the objections that can hold them back.

Modern Day Sales: 8 Ways Companies are Changing the Future of Sales

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you may be contemplating how to transform your sales team to maximize the results from lead generation and customer acquisition activities while minimizing sales resources. Consider these eight ways that companies are leveraging tech to change the sales process so that you can emulate their success.

How to Optimize Your Outbound Campaigns

Creating an outbound marketing campaign takes time, expertise, and strategic thinking. For the best results, you’ll need testing, iteration, and optimization.

5 Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Quarantine during the age of COID-19 has caused many to spend more time on social media. Discover these 5 ways to avoid social media burnout today!

How To Predict Your Pipeline

The secret to hitting quota is using formulas based on your conversion. This guide will teach you how to apply our revenue engine formula to your own pipeline, track your pace to goal, and hit your KPI goals.

4 Ways to Empower Your SDR

Sales development representatives can help transition your leads to the next step of the sales funnel. Learn 4 simple step you can take to help your SDRs.

How Does Your Team Manage Toxicity?

All it takes is one employee to create a toxic work environment. Learn how to recognize the underlying causes so you can combat this issue in your office.

How to Recession Proof Your Business

Recession Proof Your Business

Learn how successful companies thrive before, during, and even after a recession. The key is planning. We’ve included 5 ways you can turn your company into a recession-proof business.

How to Triple Your Sales Meetings

Writing effective cold emails can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Read our guide on using them to triple your sales and secure new clients.

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Lead Generation

40% of companies report a decreasing effectiveness of outbound marketing within the last 5 years. Luckily, our latest guide includes the recipe for achieving consistent outbound success.

How To Find Your Million Dollar Deal

Success begins with quality meetings and qualified prospects.
While the formula is simple, it’s not always easy. It takes a refined strategy to contact the right prospect with the right message at the right time.

Choosing Lead Generation for Your Budget

Lead generation comes in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and ranging from cold calling to paid ads. Use this guide to calculate ROI for each channel and choose the best option for your budget.

How To Diagnose Your Biggest Obstacles to Growth

Without properly diagnosing your obstacles for growth, you’ll end up wasting resources with minimal results. In this guide, learn how to identify your symptoms and create an action plan to knock down your barriers for growth.

The One-Call Close Sales Training Video Series

This 10-video series breaks down every step of your discovery sales call – from navigating the first 30 seconds to sending out the contract.

The strategies and sales tips in this video series are used on a daily basis by our own sales team and have contributed to our incredible growth, including landing us on the Inc. 500 two years in a row.

This is not a framework.

This is not “some things to think about.”

This is a step-by-step process for having a call with a complete stranger and closing the deal before you hang up the phone.

The Blueprint to 2000% Growth

In this guidebook, we discuss how we safeguard our clients and how we grew our lead generation business rapidly. Download a copy to learn more today.

The Growth-Hacking Playbook for SMBs

It seems like every B2B email company is promising you more leads and better leads – all as a result of their ‘secret sauce’. We know our process is different – learn the outbound strategy we used to become the 170th fastest growing company in America.

Lead Gen: 4 Channels for the Quickest Growth

This guide outlines 4 channels that create measurable, affordable strategies to boost your marketing efforts and get quick results. From cold calling to email marketing, we’ve identified the fastest channels to generate leads – partner with a firm, use social media, paid ads and SEO.

The LinkedIn Guide to Grow Your Sales Funnel

From ads to simply optimizing your profile, you have multiple options to make LinkedIn work for you.

Whether you’re prospecting, job hunting, or looking to impress at your high school reunion, a compelling LinkedIn profile makes a world of difference.

Profile optimization is more than just uploading your resume to LinkedIn; a good profile tells your story.
Use this free downloadable Guidebook to optimize your LinkedIn presence: build credibility, your network, and your pipeline.
Check out this guide to learn more.

The Prospecting Playbook: ICPs & Buyer Personas

Learn how to turn cold prospects into warm sales meetings in this playbook. Included is a step-by-step playbook to determining your Ideal Customer Profile, three prospecting cadences for converting qualified leads, and how to craft persona-based email messaging.

4 Steps to Finding Qualified Leads

100 OK leads or 20 incredible leads? The answer is pretty unanimous, but getting to the latter isn’t always clear. This guide discusses the top 4 strategies to spend less time chasing bad leads.

10 Things You Must Do To Win a Sales Meeting

Research indicates that just 0.78 percent of B2B leads convert into new customers which means we have all struggled to surmount the conversion obstacle. Check out this guide to learn how to increase that conversion rate.