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Advisory Board


Sultan Meghji
Cliff Campeau
Operations Leadership


Jeff started Sapper to give companies the ability to outsource lead generation. Jeff is married with 2 children and enjoys the great indoors.
Jeff Winters
Jim lived in Chicago until returning home to help launch Sapper. He is an aspiring golfer, average poker player, and fan of reality television.
Jim Winters
Rick Roth
VP - Growth
Emily likes building companies, habits, health, & making up songs about her dog.
Emily Muhoberac
When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find Julie drawing, dancing to her husband’s band or Snapchatting her pit bull.
Julie Hill
Office Manager
Katie is widely known as the “Queen Coord” of Sapper and will hopefully one day own a pug.
Katie McAninch
Sr. Director - Client Ops
According to Ryan’s mom, he’s a “pretty snappy dresser” and will regret not auditioning for American Idol. According to Ryan, he enjoys good coffee, reading, and playing music.
Ryan Myers
Sr. Director - Content
Kyle is sarcastic, a history enthusiast, and holds strong opinions on most things. Room mates with Gus.
Kyle Harman
Director - Client Ops
As a former competitive gymnast and diver, Mallory is tenacious and goal oriented. In her spare time, she enjoys live music and new restaurants.
Mallory Indelicato
Sr. Targeting Strategist
John can be found hiking park trails, or tracking the next snowstorm, hurricane or severe weather (he just really likes the weather).
John Hueste
Jr. Targeting Strategist
When Lily isn't at work or doing freelance photography, she enjoys checking out new restaurants, catching a movie, or fitting in a weekend trip.
Lily Voss
Client Coordinator
You'll find Tina bouldering, training for her second marathon, walking stray rescue pups, and eating lots of veggie pizza.
Tina Xiang
Sr. Content Strategist
Mack McAninch
Ops Coordinator
Madeline Smith
Technical Coordinator
Sales Leadership


Blake has always been in sales, starting on the playground selling candy to classmates. You can find him playing mentally professional, recreational sports.
Blake Vernon
Sr. Director - Business Development
Jeremy forgot to submit his bio, and will be publicly shamed.
Jeremy Graham
Director - Business Development
When he's not on a sales call, Michael is probably researching records online or talking someone's ear off about some band nobody knows.
Michael Ingracia
Business Development<p>
Sara Wynn
Development Coordinator
Client Services Leadership


When not at work you’ll find TJ consoling his new-born daughter on how long she will have to wait for space travel.
TJ Macke
Sr. Dir. - Client Services
Stephen enjoys watching basketball, playing guitar, and making art in his free time; while surrounded by his three dogs and his loving girlfriend.
Stephen Baier
Director - Client Services
Marissa can be found camping with her husband, drinking La Croix, or just talking....to literally anyone.
Marissa Tebeau
Director - Client Services
Outside of his client strategy work, Alessio is an avid filmmaker, DJ, self-proclaimed musician, cat dad, and husband.
Alessio Summerfield
Sr. Lead - Client Services
Jill DJs, writes a blog, plays with her pitbull mix, and dreams about her next travel destination.
Jill Firns
Client Strategist
Maggie has a passion for natural skin care, an affinity for wacky earrings, and follows way too many inspirational Facebook pages.
Maggie Hake
Client Strategist
Lauren is a professional artist who works in multiple mediums. She usually works in pink tones and glitter.
Lauren Lane
Jr. Client Strategist
When not diligently analyzing her client strategies, Ellie enjoys mystery novels, photography, and her two cats, Oslo & Little Cat.
Ellie Howard
Jr. Client Strategist
Jaron Rhoda
Jr. Client Strategist
Molly Dotson
Jr. Client Strategist
Katie Meyers
Jr. Client Strategist
Rachel Rentschler
Jr. Client Strategist
Kate Burks
Jr. Client Strategist